augie & liz

established in marriage in 2017


Picture the coziest little coffee shop you can imagine. The interior painted throughout with early 1960s music posters,  comfy couches, and filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and cranberry almond biscotti coming out of the oven. This is where our story begins.

Liz was the head baker and Augie was a Californian, tea-aholic home in Virginia for Christmas. Little glances turned into conversation. Which turned in a year of long distance love which turned into a New York City enagement. Which turned into a beautiful occation of two souls becoming one. A wedding.

We believe in true love. In two souls destined to find each other. In kisses that take your breath away and the kind of laughter that can only be shared between two hearts that beat as one. 

Through our films we desire to capture not only the event of your wedding - but the moments shared. From the quiet, romantic moments alone following your ceremony to the laughter and tears of reunion with friends and family on the dance floor.

We bring a modern approach to wedding videography through story focused films using our experience in the film industry and high-quality cinema equipment. We're prepared for any style, location, and adventure. 

If you also believe in that truest form of love, we hope to be apart of your adventure and to create something meaningful for you. xo

augie & liz